Tournament Brackets & Rules

Updated Monday October 30, 2017 by Marijn van den Elsen.

Tournament Rules:

All league rules apply with one additional rule; if a tournament game ends in a tie at the end of the regular time, the match will be decided by kicks from the mark (aka penalty kicks). Each team will provide a roster to the referees with the order in which players will be taking the kicks (list can only have players that were on the field at end of the game). The kicks will be decided by best of 5 kicks from each team, the team with the most goals wins the match. If there is a tie after the 5 kicks from each team, the kicks from the mark will continue (one at a time for each team) until one team scores and the other does not. The team that scores wins the match.

Seeding for the tournament:

Seeding is determined by the final ranking of the league games. In case of a tie, the results from the games played against each other will determine the ranking (goal differential for these games only will be used if needed). If there is still a tie, the team with the most winning games will be ranked higher.

Brackets will be visible in the schedule of your team. Click on the Schedule link above and click your division.




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