Baseball Assessments

Fall Baseball 2018

Updated Friday October 5, 2018 by Tyler Roberts.

Baseball assessments are required for all players in Coach Pitch 6U up to 13/14.  The assessment allows coaches to view each players skill so that they can draft kids accordingly.  FSA conducts the assessments and drafts so that the league is as balanced as possible.

The purpose of assessments is to observe basic baseball skills; catching, throwing, hitting and running. Each player will take ground balls and pop flys to determine their fielding ability.  They will be required to throw from the outfield and infield.  Then each player gets six pitches to hit on the field.  The players will need to bring equipment to accomplish each of these tasks including a helmet. 

In the spring, 60-90 kids could be participating in a session.  With a large population, the session could last two hours.  A player can leave as soon as they have hit in front of the coaches. 

For kids who do not participate in assessments, they will still be drafted onto a team.  After assessments are completed, teams get drafted in the next 7-10 days.  Refunds are not allowed after assessments are completed.  A number of requests come in for refunds when players are not placed on a particular team, but always denied.