FSA Softball Information

Updated Tuesday November 5, 2019 by Samantha Hudgens.

Spring 2020 Softball Information:

Volunteers needed! Please email softball@fairfieldsports.net if you wish to volunteer and have not yet signed up! We are also looking for several Committee Members and a Softball Team Manager and Sponsorship Committee Member, please reach out to the email above for more information!





We will be holding League specific end of Summer 2019 meetings to address rule/league changes, adaptations etc to prepare for Spring 2020. Stay tuned!





Softball Game Fields - Fairifeld Atheltic Center - 16055 Mason Rd., Cypress, TX 77433


Practice Fields - Central Park - 15015 Heath Green Cir., Cypress, TX 77433


Meeting Locations -

Bradford Creek Clubhouse - 16011 Fairfield Green Cir., Cypress, TX 77433

Lakeside Trails Clubhouse -  16125 Country Fair Ln., Cypress, TX 77433

Central Park Clubhouse - 15015 Heath Green Cir., Cypress, TX 77433



There will be NO LATE REGISTRATION.  If we have space open there will be a 20% late fee charged to the registration.



All players will be assigned to a team and assessments are simply in place to help keep skill levels even on each team. ALL KIDS WILL PLAY.



As divisions approach our maximum capacity of registrations, we sometimes need to utilize waitlists in order to ensure that we have appropriate numbers for each team.  We also do this to backfill any cancellations.  If you receive a note that you have been placed on a waitlist, it does NOT necessarily mean you won't be able to play.  However, as we approach the close of registration the possibility of being shut out increases as we reach capacity numbers.