Volleyball Information

Updated Monday July 23, 2018 by Charlotte Stuart.

FSA Offers FALL Volleyball for Girls 
1st - 8th grade
Developmental: 1st & 2nd Grade*
*Please refer to Volleyball tab "Developmental Division" for more information.
Freshmen Division: 3rd & 4th Grade
Sophomore Division: 5th & 6th Grade
Junior Division: 7th & 8th Grade
 2018 Fall League:
August - early November 
August practices: Teams will practice at various times and days at Fairfield Athletic Club.
September & October practices: Teams will practice
ONCE per week for 1.5 hours.
Day of week & location will be chosen by coach and will remain consistant throughout the remainder of the season.
*Matches Begin*
Weekend of September 7, 2018
(Matches will be played Thursday evenings, 
Friday evenings and all day Saturdays)
*Single Elimination Tournament:
October 29 - November 3, 2018
(matches to be played during this week)
About Us...
Fairfield Volleyball is a recreational Volleyball League for the
 residents of Fairfield and the surrounding communities.
Last season, we are proud to say that over 325 girls participated 
in our volleyball program. 
We are a volunteer organization that would not be possible 
without the parents, coaches and other volunteers that make Fairfield such a great place for our children to foster a love for all sports. 
With that said, we are always looking for new faces.  
If you have a passion for the sport of volleyball, 
we urge you to volunteer! 
Our kids need YOU!


Please email:
Charlotte Stuart
FSA Volleyball Commissioner