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Updated Wednesday October 25, 2017 by Gregory Wood.

Fairfield Basketball Is a recreational basketball league for the Winter and Summer. 

  • Winter basketball is the primary season in which we have championships for ages 8 and above, and Learning for ages 5-7.  Season ranges from the end of October to the start of March.
  • Summer basketball is more of a laid back learning experience for all ages . Season ranges from start of June to end of July.


Registraion Rules:

The division your child will be placed in is determined by their date of bith: Whatever their age is on September 01 of the year  of the start of that basketballl season will determine the division your child is placed in.

You will NOT be playing up, unless the parent of the child is a head coach,

Emails and comments in registration for playing up will be ignored. 


Assessments: Please take the time to review your reciept of purchase to confirm the division your child is placed in and arrive at the assessments your child is assigned to. If you arrive to an assessment where your child is not on the list, you will not be let in, nor will your child be drafted in that league.